Hotel "ALBATROS" **


located at less than 1000 m from the centre of Ulcinj, the town of the tumultuous past and glorious tradition, one of the most picturesque and most attracrtive town on the whole Adriatic. Ulcinj is a champion of Montenegro – 217 sunny days during the year! Warm water (above 26°С) guarantees bathing season from April until November.

Hotel is located at the unique place. The hotel building is surrounded by the pine tree forest and is located at the very sea shore. A cocktail consisting of the sea air, smell of wild lavender, pollen, conifer trees and field flowers is available to the guests during the whole year. Indeed, “In a moment when our planet was born, the most miraculous joining of the land and sea happened just here”.

From the spacious loggias of each hotel room there is a beautiful view to the sea which fascinates with the azure colour and clarity. Afterr the sunset it is impossible to distract the view from the silver Moon path which, like the scene on the deathless Kuingy paintings, brings us back to the world of the heros from Gogolj’s stories. At this moment it becomes clear that everything which is necessary to have a rest soul and mind has been concetrated at this very place.


  • public beach
  • nudistic beach (well known in the whole Europe)
  • womens’ beach (with the sulphuric water springs) where, according to the legend, the loved women of the Turkish sultans, used to repose themselves several centuries ago, can satisfy needs of the various categories of guests.

Hotel complex consists of two buildings:

CORPUSE А: 71 rooms, 142 beds.

Each room with sea view:

  • Loggia
  • Satelite TV
  • Refrigerator (mini bar – by order)
  • Bathroom
  • Telephone
  • Air Conditioning

CORPUSE В: 69 rooms, 138 beds.

Each room with sea view:

  • Balcony
  • Satelite TV
  • Refrigerator(mini bar – by order)
  • Shower
  • Telephone
  • Air Conditioning

Rooms – non smowking.

Guests can use 2 restaurants, bar, caffe at the public beach, indoor swimming pool (depth from 1,0 to 1,9 m), sauna, conference hall, terrace for receptions and cocktails, Internet Wi-Fi (lobby), TV hall, safe, parking, promenads.

In spite of all features of the modern tourist industry , the hotel is a quiet and peacefull place to rest. At any time during the day guests can enjoy whisper of the waves, birds song, murmuring of the Mediterranean pine trees with frivolous squirrels hopping through them, dressed in black tail coat.

If you can not dive – learn it! The reason for that is the submarine world of the Ulcinj part of the Adriatic Sea which is rich and full with surprises: drowned ships, hidden caves, coral shelfs…. and if you are lucky, pirate treasure.

Those who like active vacation can enjoy yachting, driving boats by the sea, lakes, Bojana river, tourist tours through the country, to Albania, Croatia, big fishing – in the sea and in the river…

It is specially popular among:

  • hunters, who comes there with dogs in order to hunt in Štoj – unique hunting place at the Adriatic Coast.
  • sportsmen (cyclists, footballers and others) who use a  mild climate of the Adriatic Sea in order to extend the time of their training.


Right here your living energy shall be given back to you together with the feeling of the complete unity with nature.